Thursday, April 9, 2009


I never understood running before today. I did not realize that such a simple task could bring me back to a time when there was no time. When a green open field was a place to play not something to mow. When Kings lived on hills not died on them. Where joy was quick and sadness could be lifted by ice cream. Before I was a brother, before I was big enough to help around the house. Before credit cars and work and people who depend on you to be a certain way. Before I sucked in my gut and stood up straight. Before I combed my hair in the morning and when I squeeked after a bath. When I run, all the weights fall behind me and the breath deepens. I am me, meaning I am no one, undefined, unspoiled and free.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As I gazed upon her beauty
A chill came o’er my bones
My knees began to wobble
And my voice hit higher tones
I couldn’t help the feeling
That flashed around my head
The love the hate the anger
The roses that were dead
How could she just stop caring
The love that we had grown
My heart just couldn’t take it
My mind was fully blown
She said she’d never leave me
The wedding we had planned
Every little detail
Just up and blown and fanned
But that is all behind me
And I’m a better man
The hurt has gave me character
My emotions say I can
So this single brief encounter
May not a fire start
But soon a blaze will burn
And the two will never part.


The butterfly called love is here
I think it not so great
It flitters, sits, flies away
And then turns into hate

I really should stop feeling,
All my friends have said
You really will go crazy
With all that in your head

Easer is said than done
Or so the poets say
The memory it haunts me still
On lonely passing day

What is thats so intriguing
Surely not the sex
Could it be all images
Contorted from a hex

What triggers these emotions
These sudden fits of rage
Could it be releasing
My feelings from a cage


From the moment it first started
It never seemed to stop
In time it just grew bigger
My heart about to pop

I never seemed to notice
That smile within my heart
I took it all for granted
Believing I was smart

Soon the feeling took me over
Taking all I had to give
And the dream became the dreamer
Now with you I had to live

But love is ever fleeting
In these modern times we are
And the love was taken from me
Off to someplace very far

But still it lingers or’ me
Dropping by from time to time
Just leaving me a memory
And a silly little poem

Wake Up

Wake up, wake up , wake up and look
Burning, burning black fire and smoke
Thicker and thicker, darker and darker, how many
What happened, what happened, how many are there
Trapped, no rescue possible, stop, please stop
Burning, burning fire, debris and smoke
Keep looking, what’s happening, what’s happening
Police and fire, stay calm, stay calm
Exit stairs, so many, stay calm
Again it hits, again no accident
What’s happening, no accident, no accident
Attack, attack , again, again, this is no accident
More fire, more smoke, look look
Look up so tall, just too tall
Get out, rush get out get out
No accident, hurry, hurry
Look up, what’s happening
Burning, smoke, trail of smoke over America
The smoke is lighter, go out go out, its ok, its ok
The water is working, its ok, its ok, then no
Collapse, unreal, disbelief, what happened
Just one then, get out, get them out, just the one
Get away, run, run, run
Collapse again, fear, sadness anger
Bring them in, the planes, make us safe
The Pentagon, a small field, no accident
Attacked, anger, desperation fear and smoke
Who’s left, where are they, pictures, pictures, hopes
Sirens, smoke, survivors, soot
A heap of dust and metal, a louder voice
A voice that rises from the ashes
We will rise from here, here it stops.

Passing Times

What is it mother in the sky
the light that shines so bright.
It is a sign of things to come
a god that's just and right.

What kind of god comes to us now
Deserving such a show.
A greater one than sky and land,
and also meek and low.

What causes such a spectacle
of light so far away.
It is the end of one such world
whose time just would not stay.

It is written that we too
will end in such a way
A glowing blaze of fire
from the birth that was today.

Mother then, should we not
kill this child and fight,
to keep our world from turning
to a spectacle of light.

No no my child this babe is good
and comes to save our soles,
from Satan that deceitful one
who fills the truth with holes.

But mother dear,where comes he from
this babe to give us mirth.
It is said by profits old
The newborn comes from Earth.


Supportive and
Conducive but
Seductive like
Sexy and
Familiar with
Insatiable never